Tatiana Daniel Takes Brooke Journey Inc. on the Road

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Tatiana Daniel Takes Brooke Journey Inc. on the Road

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by tommyj

1000235_650087775031167_1968474811_nBeing an entrepreneur is very challenging…being a young entrepreneur can be both challenging and a hard road to navigate.  Regardless of the industry mental toughness, patients and virtue are just a few traits one must have in order to stay the course and succeed.  There are going to be many challenges, but at the same time there will be great personal rewards. When you have established a firm foundation and a solid base for your venture that’s just the beginning.  Tatiana Daniel has begun to explore her travels with “Brooke Journey Inc”. When starting a new business there will be many first.  Recently she produced her first fashion show “The Black & White Affair”.  The show was well attended and had various local designers from the San Diego area.  From the onset we could see she was very driven to put present a great product as well as a great event.  For those of us who have produced or been involved in the back room workings of a fashion show, or any other major event you know the trials and tribulations that go along with organizing such an event.  The various personalities, the egos and the attitudes all are just standard ingredients.  Tatiana seemed to take all that in stride during the night of the show and showed the balance between greeting her guest and keeping the show in order.  But we all know, there was probably a lot of drama taking place back stage.

She now takes her first step in taking her show on the road.  She will be appearing the much1452471_171949006345590_1768981216_n acclaimed Facet Fashion Show; Fall Edition, in Los Angeles Ca.  The fashion industry  can be a rough road to navigate if you do not know the ins and outs.  The New York fashion industry is known worldwide as one of the hubs for fashion.  There seems to be a more common unity to move the industry forward, with collaboration and think tanks.  Los Angeles on the other hand can be very competitive and sometimes cut throat.  With the entertainment and movie industry as an outlet for designers, making sure your looks get seen first can be the key to making your mark in the industry.  Tatiana takes Brooke Journey Inc. into the fashion web of HOLLYWOOD.  It is the old David and Goliath story of the fashion world.  Without much backing and support outside of San Diego, she’s taking her leap of faith and the first big step.

“Life has been one big roller coaster.  This all started with losing my father but that loss turned into a grief pushing myself hard to achieve a goal.  Building a company from the ground up is hard work but has an amazing feeling of appreciation.  I thank God for every opportunity he has given me.  I thank all my true friends and the people who have supported me personally.  Debuting in my first big show in Hollywood…I’m nervous and excited.  I’m up to burning the midnight oil sewing”.

The styles of Brooke Journey Inc., varies in looks, but all do one thing… accentuates the form, shape and curves of a women.  With most designers, they tailor their looks for the size 0 – 2 when designing and cutting the garments.  Sometimes that look does not translate to the size 6 – 10, which there are plenty of.   Brooke Journey Inc. begins by designing to make sure that all the beautiful curves that make a woman, gets their just due, just plain ole Sexy.

The show will be held Saturday November 9th at Mack Sennett Studios, 1215 Bates Ave in Los Angeles CA.  Doors open at 6:00PM.  Come out and see a great show and Brooke Journey Inc. on the runway.

The Image of Magazine is looking forward to producing the feature for Brook Journey Inc. for the print edition in the Spring of 2104

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