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hotel-roomsbellagio_tower_ste1Want to know more about the things you want before you take the plunge?  Add To My List will be our featured segment on The Image Of Magazine for exclusive reviews and Images from hotels, restaurants and businesses.  Through The Image Of Magazine we search for destinations and deals, using unique imaging to give our readers an intimate view.  ChristysProduct and car reviews will highlight the newest models and trends in their industries. Museums and galleries will also be featured by our photographers and experts in the field.

Our unique approach to reviews on Add To My List, it’s driven by YOU, the reader.  We take request from the public on items of interest. We find out what our readers need and want to know about product, places, food, fashions and people and where they rate.  The Image of Magazine will not only send the experts to present our feature, we will also send a lucky subscriber to be our S.I.R., Select Image Reviewer.  Each Month the chosen SIR will be comped at their choice for review.  Hotels, restaurants, shows even test drive a luxury sports car, are just a few items of interest you can be chosen to review or get great deals.

See deals on destinations, hotels, cruises, events and air travel.   This page is sponsored by Tommy Jennings, a travel agent for Inteletravel.  See details and destinations for cruises, airlines, hotels by visiting