A Feel Good Story on Veterans Day

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A Feel Good Story on Veterans Day

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by tommyj

salute_american_flag[1]On a day when we take time to honor our troops and give thanks for their service, there are stories being told about American patriotism and support for our Armed service members.  One being…Applebees.  I was out and about enjoying a beautiful San Diego day, I stopped by Hazard Center in Mission Valley and saw  a line of people forming at the Applebees in Hazard Center.  Upon inquiring on what was the reason for the big crowd, I was informed that Applebees was honoring our Armed service men, active and retired, with a complimentary meal for their service.  When speaking with the staff they informed me that Applebees has been doing this tribute for the past 4 years for our Armed services on Veteran Day.  We were informed that it is a nation wide program that has had a tremendous response with the military. As I walked into the restaurant, there was a waiting list to be seated.  Generally such a line comes with much anticipation to be seated and to be served.  This was somewhat different.  The Applebeesservicemen and women seemed to gather throughout Hazard Center with a great feel of comradery and fellowship with each other, the civilians and the overwhelmingly hospitable staff that welcomed each customer in with a big friendly smile and a thank you for serving.  With the huge response anticipated, Applebees said they had no problems getting volunteers to come and assist with catering to our servicemen and women.  Support from other stores around and in San Diego county has been great.  The Hazard Center restaurant is centrally located and we knew we would be hit with a good steady flow of patrons and patriots that wanted to show their support on Veterans Day…” said the staff. I personally left there feeling a little more upbeat after talking with some of the staff and customers.  Some of the servicemen and women said they were greatful for the support but would also come back and dine at Applebees in the future because of the support…plus the food was top notch and the drinks kept the spirits flowing.

Be sure to stop and support your local Applebees and thank them for giving back to those that keep giving us so much. 41784_168353856511086_2334515_n[1]

    Tommy Jennings                                                                                                                                                                       Publisher – The Image Of Magazine

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