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Teen Lauryn Canny takes centre stage in new RTE show Amber

Posted on: January 18th, 2014 by tommyj

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Lauryn Canny

At the age of just 15, Lauryn Canny has done more than most of us could dream about.

But in spite of the fact she’s starred in a movie alongside Juliette Binoche and will take centre stage on our TV screens in RTE’s new drama Amber tomorrow, the schoolgirl is remarkably down to earth.

Like pretty much any teenager her age she’s bashful about admitting she has a boyfriend, loves Twitter and food and is currently studying for her Junior Cert.

But lately, as trailers for Amber have started hitting our TV screens, her classmates are beginning to get wind of what Lauryn does in her spare time.

And even Lauryn is finding it all a little odd.

She said: “It’s very weird – I can’t explain it to people in my class.

“I go to St Macdara’s in Templeogue and I am studying for my Junior Cert.

“Now that Amber is going to be on television, it’s really nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time.

“I feel a bit sick now that it’s going on and everyone is seeing it but it’s two-and-a-half years ago that we filmed it so that’s a big gap from 12 to 15 – it’s almost like 30 years in teenage years.

“I can’t even recognise myself – I look so different, never mind feel so different.”

14 Amber Luas.jpg

Amber Luas
Amber Luas


Amber was the part that kicked off Lauryn’s acting career although she had been taking classes from a very young age.

She revealed: “I have always been into musical theatre and drama and I’ve taken classes but I never thought I would be an actress or be filming anything.

“But I was walking down the road with a friend one day when I was 12 during the summer and a casting director pulled up and asked me if I wanted to audition for a movie.

“I took her card but when I went home I told my mam who started looking it all up on the internet.

“I went for the audition for Amber on the Tuesday, got the part on the Wednesday and was filming by the following Monday – it was crazy.

“We thought it was really weird. We were sort of saying, ‘Does that usually happen?’ but I suppose it does if you are looking for unknowns.”

Lauryn might seem wise beyond her years but she is also keen to point out she’s not the rebel that she portrays in Amber.

She said: “Amber is a 14-year-old girl and she’s pretty normal. She is a bit grungy and she has a group of friends who are slightly older than her.

“She’s maybe a bit advanced for a 14-year-old and she is doing things she shouldn’t be really.

“She is artistic and draws, paints, she’s into her music. But she is quite mysterious and doesn’t let people in.

“And then she just goes missing.”

1 Amber Lauryn Quazar.JPG

Lauryn Canny
Lauryn Canny


Bray actress Eva Birthistle, 40, who plays Amber’s mum Sarah has already admitted filming the mini-series left her emotionally spent.

But it didn’t have the same effect on Lauryn.

She explained: “I was just playing a teenage girl – I didn’t have to do a lot in the missing aspect of it.

“But I suppose it is kind of weird trying to imagine how it would be for me now – that is kind of scary but I didn’t really think about it like that when I was 12.”

Between the time that Amber was shot and its screening on RTE from tomorrow until Wednesday night, Lauryn managed to grab herself a starring role in what’s now an award-winning film.

The movie 1,000 Times Goodnight also stars Juliette Binoche, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Larry Mullen Jnr to name but a few.

And Lauryn reckons she had to stretch herself more for this particular part.

She said: “I play Steph, the daughter of Juliette Binoche’s character Rebecca.

“She is a war photographer and is off travelling to really dangerous countries.

“The film is based around my character’s relationship with her mother and how she constantly fears her mam is not going to come back, she’s going to die and she will never see her again.

“So she is trying not to build a relationship with her mam. It’s a really emotional character. There were a lot of really deep scenes and it was difficult.

“It was a lot more complex than Amber in what I had to do and how I had to push myself.

“I knew when I was auditioning that Juliette was cast and she would be playing my mother. So I tried not to google her or look into her or watch any of her films at all.

“I just wanted to feel so there wasn’t so much pressure on me – it was already a huge pressure to have a big lead in a movie.

“I tried to look at it that we were both just doing a movie. But she is one of the most respected actresses in the world and I learned so much from just watching her work. It was amazing.”

11 Lauryn On Phone.JPG

Lauryn On Phone
Lauryn On Phone

Lauryn admitted she spent some time after coming off set in tears because there were very tough scenes. But back home and at school everything went back to normal.

Her mum Nicki travels on every job with her but Lauryn admitted she hates leaving her baby sisters Laila, two, and three-year-old Daisy behind.

Lauryn added: “My mam is my main support – she pretty much does everything for me. She really wants to help me as much as she can because this is want I want to do.

“She is always there with me because I am under 16 so I have to have someone with me.”

But although they have to leave the rest of the family behind, there was an exciting moment for Nicki too when she found out Mullen Jnr was also in 1000 Times Goodnight. Lauryn said: “My mam had a little freak-out because she has been to every U2 concert that was ever on here.

“But he is the loveliest man – he is just so nice and funny and down to earth.”

Filming the movie meant trips to Morocco and beyond and when the film came out Lauryn went with it to Montreal and Oslo which she enjoyed every single minute of.

But when the cameras aren’t rolling she is just like everyone else – which is probably why those other than her close pals are so surprised now.

Lauryn said: “I didn’t tell many people and then suddenly the Amber ads were coming out.

“And I put up the trailer for 1,000 Times Goodnight on my Facebook and people were saying, ‘I didn’t know you were in a movie’.

“I was thinking, ‘Where did you think I went for six weeks?’

“Acting is 100% what I want to do and hopefully I will be able to keep going with it.”

  • Amber will be shown on RTE One at 9.30pm from tomorrow until Wednesday.
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