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Live to Golf, Love to Eat 

Golf has always been a sport where mostly retirees flock to, in order to stay active, competitive or just enjoy the serenity of a relaxing day at the course.  Regardless of the reason, golf has become more mainstream amongst today’s young adults.  Also, with more women learning to play golf and joining Women Clubs, it has become a preferred activity over some of the other big competitive sports.  Competing against an opponent in any activity or sport can give you the satisfaction of being victorious if you win or very deflating if you loose.  In golf, your pairing partner is not the opponent, you and the obstacles before you are the opponents. Your pairing partner is merely there to share the experience, unless there is a money hole involved.  Beating your low score can be as rewarding as saying you outplayed another player because that player could just be having a bad day and thinking about what he or she should be doing!

Concurring a course is the most satisfying feeling for a golfing enthusiast.  Finding a challenging well-manicured courseGolf-Course can satisfy all of our senses.  Touch, feeling the club in your hand as you take the perfect swing on your driver and hitting the ball straight down the fairway; The Smell, of the outdoor air and fresh cut grass coming off the dew of a southern summer morning; The Sound from the contact of a perfect swing, from the right club, hitting the ball at the right angle; The Taste of success, hitting a hole in one, or dropping a shot off the tee 2 feet from the hole; Seeing the shot before you hit the shot, and then executing the shot, and the ball hit just as you vision it, the  (flight of your ball dead center of the fairway or the roll of your ball with just the right amount of pace winding through a green with steep decline and a mean curve down to the hole, slowly dropping with the Nike logo exposed); And yes, there is a 6th Sense, the one you have way before you take to the course envisioning this whole day taking shape.

When your day on the course is done, what better way to end your day and bragging rights with the perfect meal, drink and companionship of those you just shared the days experience on the course.  Golf is not so strenuous to where you immediately have to take to an I.V. to hydrate. Going to a good 19th hole will suffice.  Some courses offer a great package for dining_lrgthe golfing and for the after golfing experience.  Whether you prefer an intimate setting to talk about the best and worst shots, or a social environment to hydrate or replenish lost carbs and protein can be the most important pairing you can have, other than you mates.  What you eat and drink can be the perfect end to a great day and leave you with a real good feeling inside.

In 2021 The Image Of Magazine and L2G, L2E will hold several events throughout the country to bring together golf enthusiast party party goers.  We will host events at top golf courses and driving ranges

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