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Reel Life: Crispin Glover reveals how he saved face

Posted on: March 7th, 2014 by tommyj

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Face value: Crispin Glover sued Back to the Future

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– Published 07 March 2014 02:30 AM

One of the gems that came out during it will be of interest to fans of Back To The Future – the sequels to which Glover refused to join.

The 49-year-old gave his account of why he sued the film-makers for using his likeness and discarded footage from the first movie in order for the George character to feature in the second movie.

"The producers used the moulds that were taken from my face from the original film and had prosthetics made to resemble my face to be placed on another actor to make them look like me and then inter-spliced a small amount of footage of me from the original film with the actor in prosthetics to resemble me in order to fool audiences in to believing I was in the film," he said.

"Had they simply cast another actor to play the role, there would have been no criminal activity on the part of the producers and there would have been no lawsuit.

"Since they did not own my face nor make any financial agreement with me to use my facial features, what they did was steal something they did not own for personal gain, and therefore what they did was "illegal", and why there was a lawsuit, and why there are rules in the Screen Actors Guild that make it so producers can never do this kind of thing again."


* Also over on Reddit, fans of the prescient 1998 media satire The Truman Show started speculating how much it would cost to stage such a reality show in real life.

Why did they, you ask? Well, to quote the title of a Childish Gambino album, Because the Internet.

Taking into account that producers would need an actual small town, under a dome, with thousands of actors, extras and crew, and extremely sophisticated cameras and technology, the rough estimate came in at between $500m-$1bn.

Though as one savvy contributor pointed out, with product placement and advertising the way it is today, "running The Truman Show is possible, doable and profitable", before adding, spookily: "Maybe we actually are?"


Viola Davis – the "gigantically gifted" (according to Meryl Streep) star of Doubt and The Help – is moving to TV for her next role.

In How To Get Away With Murder, she will play a criminal defence professor dragged into a crazy murder conspiracy. The extra good news is that the show will be produced by Shonda Rhimes, the brain behind the brilliantly bonkers and increasingly twisted TV sensation Scandal.


* A quick word on Sandra Bullock‘s reported $70m (€50.8m) overall payday from starring in Gravity: surely she has enough cash now to buy up every existing copy of Speed 2: Cruise Control and bury them deep underground, like nuclear waste?


* Finally, those of you who like to book ahead might want to get cracking on this one: the RTE Concert Orchestra is staging Pixar In Concert in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on May 3rd.

They will be playing music from 14 Pixar movies – including the Toy Story trilogy, Up, and WALL-E. Tickets (€20–€55) go on sale today from 9am from Ticketmaster.

Hop to it!

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