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Komal Rizvi conquering world

Posted on: July 9th, 2014 by tommyj

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Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world
Komal Rizvi conquering world

Singing sensation Komal Rizvi has many feathers in her cap. She is a vocalist, performer, host and an actor who has won several awards in Pakistan. She started off her career as a teenager. She was a major part of PTV’s mega drama serial “Hawwein” which holds the record for making the highest money ever in the history of PTV till date.

Komal was a part of Coke Studio’s third season where she took two well-loved anthems Lal Meri and Danah Pe Danah to new levels.

Aside from being the first Pakistani female VJ on a music channel and the first female to launch a solo album internationally (through Milestones EMI), Komal is making waves currently also with her tours and concerts being held all over the world from England, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia to Karachi, Kolkatta, and Quetta! Furthermore, Komal recently launched her much awaited new song Kalli Kalli with a bang! Her brother, Hasan has choreographed the song and it is popular among the youngsters. We are thankful for her generosity to take out time and share her thoughts with us.  

  1. 1.      Tell us about your early days as an upcoming singer/songwriter; the trials and tribulations.

My biggest tribulation is that I was all alone. I had no brother or best friend or husband to help me and guide me through the beginning of my career. And I was only 16. It was tough.

  1. 2.      Which genre of music do you like to sing more?

I love singing Sufi music done in a contemporary remixed fashion. I love singing rock too.

  1. 3.      What is the importance of a live performance for a singer?

Live performances builds up confidence in a singer. 

  1. 4.      How do you style yourself mostly?

 I usually prefer jeans and a plain top and for red carpets I go to designers.

  1. 5.      Which designer’s clothes do you prefer to wear?

Nowadays, I am loving Zohra Alam’s digitals!

  1. 6.      Who do you listen to from the Pakistani music industry?

The legends, Reshma, Nusrat, Rahat, Abida Ji are my all time music buddies.

  1. 7.      How far do you think media trends have changed in favor of female artists?

 It has improved. But women are still subject to alot more criticism than men. So sad.

  1. 8.      Please define what it means to be a successful singer.

Someone who gets to sing what he or she loves to sing and the public loves it.

  1. 9.      Apart from your own experiences, who or what else has had a major influence on your music?

Every little happy thing inspires me and small sad things make great tunes too. There is no one major contributing factor except my love and gratitude towards the Almighty.

  1. 10.  Compositionally speaking, what comes first, lyrics or the music?

No hard and fast rule.

  1. 11.  Talent, training, hard work or sources! What is more important to be a successful singer?

I think talent and luck (faith) are the jewels of any singer.

  1. 12.  What can we expect to hear in the coming months and has the song writing been a reflection of recent experiences?

There is a super song coming out after Eid which I am very excited about!!!

  1. 13.  Your new single KalliKalli is out since April – how has the response been so far?

Allhumdulillah. Considering the terrible political circumstances I am blessed. Big shout out to my fans!

  1. 14.  Who wrote its lyrics? Is there a hidden story in the lyrics?

It’s from an old Pakistani movie (Music Director, Akhtar Hussain, who composed a similar melody for the movie Patey Khan in 1955).

  1. 15.  In Pakistan’s music industry, brother-sister duos have always mesmerized listeners. How far have you succeeded in achieving that milestone with KalliKalli?

I think you guys would be a better judge of that!

  1. 16.  Why did you choose Akhtar Hussain’s song from Patey Khan (1955) the movie?

Because, I loved the tune.

  1. 17.  Has the grand launch of this song drawn unwanted attention from certain sectors?

Not to my knowledge?

  1. 18.  How did the DJ AKS collaboration happen? Kindly share with us the behind the scenes story of the KalliKalli remix.

He got in touch and said he wants to do a remix because he loved the feel of the tune and vocal tones. It was an honor for me:)

  1. 19.  After 32 successful concerts all over Pakistan, which part of Pakistan is calling you now?

32 concerts just this year in 2014. I don’t know which part is calling me. I would love to do more shows in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad though (the main cities that is).

  1. 20.  You recently participated in a Zee Tv show, what kind of response did you receive from Pakistani fans?

 It was really awesome. Mashallah.

  1. 21.  You also judged a talent show, named Peki-stan Talent Hunt – how was the experience?

It was a lot of fun. It is so amazing to be a part of any project that brings to light the talented kids that need support!

  1. 22.  Whose rendition do you like to sing more, AbidaPerveen, NusratFateh Ali Khan or Reshma?

It is a toss-up between Abida Ji and Reshma!

  1. 23.  Isn’t it a great challenge to sing songs of such legendary singers?

Not at all, I sing the tune in my own style.

  1. 24.  Komal you have also been involved in acting and hosting – what do you enjoy the most? Acting, singing or hosting?

Singing is my ultimate passion. But I enjoy all three depending on my frame of mind.

  1. 25.  What’s next for Komal Rizvi?

 I can’t tell you…. yet!

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