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Kerry Washington, Viola Davis Chat About Filming Sex Scenes

Posted on: September 16th, 2014 by tommyj

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The actresses say onscreen sex has been a "freeing" experience.

Kerry Washington, Viola Davis
Kerry Washington, Viola Davis

If you’re a leading lady in one of Shonda Rhimes‘ popular dramas, you should probably expect a hot sex scene to make its way into your character’s future. Just ask Kerry Washingtonof Scandal, Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy, and newest addition to Rhimes’ realm, Viola Davis on How to Get Away With Murder. In a roundtable discussion with BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live, the three sat down to chat about those steamy scenes and both Washington and Davis said they enjoy that part of their work.

"It’s freeing to play a character who is messy and fully human, who has big feelings and a big life," Washington said. "The fact that my character has such a sense of passion is exciting as an actor. It’s thrilling to figure that stuff out and take those kinds of risks."

Davis, whose character will start showing off her naughty side in the second season of How To Get Away With Murder, also said that letting that wild part of her loose is a liberating feeling.

"It has been freeing because it’s terrifying," Davis said. "Whoever we are in our sexual lives, which is very private, has to be public. It’s also very freeing to play the why she is that sexual." always gives you the latest 
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