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Filling Station Pub – Bikini Contest Vol. 1

Posted on: June 5th, 2014 by tommyj

Bikini_Contest The first Bikini Contest of the year in San Diego takes place at The Filling Station Pub.  This is the 3rd annual and the military patrons are never disappointed because they get to chose their winners.  Be sure to check out the first of many bikini shows this summer in San Diego and across the country. We are always looking for our first bikini cover for The Image Of Magazine.  Who knows, maybe this weeks winner from the Filling Station Pub will be chosen for the  cover shot for a upcoming feature.

The Filling Station Pub is one of SanDiego’s top venues that cater to our military with a chilled atmosphere and great drinks and specials.  For the local crowd The Filling Station Pub is a great watering hole and good food prices.  The DJ’s are some of San Diego’s best and karaoke selections are as diverse and the city itself… The singers, well lets just say most of them give it the ole college try.  But don’t be surprised when you do hear a singer or two make Simon and Randy have a kumbaya moment.

The Contest starts at 11:00pm but the fun begins when the doors open.  Lets see what fun we can have this Saturday night and who walks away with the top prize.

The Filling Station is located at 9522 Miramar Rd, San Diego, CA 92126.  Call (858) 578-0757 for more details.

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