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Commonwealth Games closing ceremony: as it happened

Posted on: August 4th, 2014 by tommyj

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News, pictures and review of Glasgow 2014 closing ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, with music from Kylie Minogue and Lulu at Hampden Park

Kylie Minogue performs during the Closing Ceremony for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games at Hampden Park on August 3, 2014 in Glasgow,
Kylie Minogue performs during the Closing Ceremony for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games at Hampden Park on August 3, 2014 in Glasgow,

Armitstead finally wins gold in women’s road race
Adcocks win gold in badminton mixed doubles final
Full Games medals table
Bolt to retire after Rio Olympics
Moments that made Glasgow great
• Headline act Kylie plays seven songs. Also: speeches
• Painfully long segment by Gold Coast, the next hosts


22.50 So that was Glasgow 2014. The consensus seemed to be that the closing ceremony went on a bit and had too much Oz and not enough Scot, but hey, those there at Hampden seemed to have a good time and that’s the main thing. Overall, the Games have been a great success, we’ve seen some excellent action, people have enjoyed themselves, and a balance has been struck between inclusiveness and top-class sport. Well done to Glasgow and the organisers. Thanks for following the blogs with us. Cheers.

22.45 That’s it. There are some fireworks and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games are done. No wait! Time for one more chorus of Auld Lang Syne, a bit more piping, and now we are finished.

22.42 Now we’re having Auld Lang Syne.

"This is much better. Glasgow had a chance to do their Riverdance and copped it for Kylie. Kylie was Gold Coast section not Glasgow farewell!" writes Michael McCallion

22.40 Several asking about The Proclaimers. Time yet?

22.37 Several Scots are not happy that the music hasn’t been from their native bands or artists. I’d have gone for The Jesus And Mary Chain in an ideal world.

Penny: "Disappointing that this turned into Ozfest when Scotland has so much musical variety on tap … very poor show."

Jeremy Lewis: "Great energy but not very Scottish."

Fiona Law-Eadie: "What a disappointing closing ceremony. Never mind Kylie where are the Proclaimers?"

But here’s a Scot! It’s Dougie MacLean singing ‘Caledonia’.

22.35 Here’s Tom Daley saying what a nice time he’d had. Kirani James from Grenada says it was an amazing experience being in Hampden.

22.32 More of your emails. Alistair Roy:

Closing ceremonies are a thankless task. Cast your minds back to Boris Johnson on a London Bus for the closing ceremony in Beijing, the Gold Coast stuff was genius in comparison. The Olympics closed with the Spice girls and another forgettable bunch of has beens and thank god no Paul McCartney in Glasgow (hope I haven’t spoke too soon). Back on track now, some shorter speeches (especially the first guy), couple more Deacon Blue songs and including Simple Minds with Waterfront and Glittering Prize would have helped enormously.

Kathryn Deliah says:

I have absolutely loved the games – the athletes have been amazing I have rediscovered sports I had forgotten about (netball) and some I didn’t know (rugby sevens) and then loved the swimming and athletics even more. The athletes have inspired – what more can I say ….But the closing ceremony? I’m howling with laughter because it is so bad it’s hilarious – they can’t fold a flag, there’s people Scottish dancing in camping gear, Kylie wearing very little apart from a feather crown and it’s like Glastonbury rather than a closing ceremony!

And Sally Waterhouse is not on Team Kylie:

I completely agree with the last two emails you posted. It is Scotland lets see what we are ! this is not a concert for a women who does not know how to dress.

22.30 ‘I Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ now. I make this her seventh number. I mean, I like Kylie… But do closing ceremonies normally have this much of one artist?

22.28 Another Kylie song. This one’s called ‘Beautiful’. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I can only print the emails we get, and here are two unhappy campers. Laura Skinner:

Is this the Glasgow 2014 closing ceremony or the 2018 Golden Coast opening ceremony? They should have brought the teacakes back would have been more entertaining.

And here is Jen Ross

I’m so disappointed glad I didn’t pay for tickets.. where are the Scots? I mean 2 mins of pipes then waltzing Matilda.. I mean Kylie is not from the Toon… C’mon Scotland we are better than this.. disgusted who designed this ?? I could do better no kidding.embarrassed south lanarkshire…

Vron says: "Bored now – this is more like a Kylie concert!"

22.26 People dancing to The Locomotion. Kylie’s gone for an outfit change. Some girl in green has just got on the stage and it took everyone a while to figure out that she wasn’t supposed to be there!

22.25 Locomotion!

22.22 Hey here’s a nice email from Alastair Duff, who writes:

I was a clydesider working at Hampden Park. My highlights were escorting Liz Mcolgan to find her daughter after she had competed in the 3000m steeplechase. What a lovely conversation we had. Having my picture taken with Usasin Bolt and watching him train. Generally I spent most of my time at first call checking the athletes accreditation – just superb fun.

22.18 Kylie’s doing her fourth number, it’s called All The Lovers. Chris James is looking on the bright side:

Things have cheered up now Kylie has arrived. As long as Alex Salmond doesn’t do a duet with her, we might be ok.

22.15 "Do you realise how beautiful you all feel and look right now?" asks Kylie. Now she’s gonna play… erm… one called something like ‘Do You Believe In Love?’ So this is where I am with my life, live blogging a Kylie Minogue concert and not being too sure of the songs. And I had to fight Brian Moore to get this gig. Susan Latimer’s not having it

Given that it’s a global event, the thing that would have brought everyone together would have been what Scotland does best, pageantry and pipes, pride and passion. Totally missing tonight with a load of artists with local appeal. Watched it out, hoping it would get better, loved the Games but off to bed in the middle of Kylie. Woefully missed opportunity.

22.14 And Phil is sticking the boot in

Is it me or has Glasgow lost a bit of dignity since the Deacon Blue track? Proud politicians, shouty comedians, Oz tourist videos, prince Edward and Kylie ‘everyone likes Kylie. . . don’t they?’ Minogue. . .

22.10 Kylie opens with Spinning Around and then another one. Alex writes:

Can I just say how pleased I am for Luke Glasgow (21.37)? Followed his career from an early age and happy to see it finally come good.

22.04 So Prince Edward has declared the Games closed. And here’s Kylie. She’s got a job on her hands here.

22.03 Then again, here’s Prince Edward. WE’RE LOSING THE PATIENT DOCTOR GLASGOW

22.01 Thank God that’s over. I have a really high tolerance for opening/closing ceremonies, but that was really awful. Like a terrible tourist advert mixed with a kids’ project or something. About four different politicans speaking, then a really long video/advert thing, and then letting her do two songs.

21.57 Wait. What? They’re letting the Aussie singing lady who isn’t Kylie do a SECOND number? What the actual frick?

21.56 Marie’s had a change of heart.

Actually I’ve got to agree with Chris James now, it’s all getting too worthy. Bring on Kylie for goodness’ sake.

21.55 Andy Summers meanwhile has turned his attention to the main question of the evening:

Will Kylie wear those famous hot pants?

21.54 More from Australian singing lady, who is now singing. In Australian.

21.50 Aussie singing lady! But it’s not Kylie. She’s introducing a video for the Gold Coast. And now an Aussie surfing man appears in Hampden to tell us how ace the Gold Coast is. Well it all looks lovely. now there’s a child telling us that the Gold Coast is the best place ever. This is like a Rally For The Gold Coast Front.

21.46 I am guessing that emailer Mike Howarth must be in Hampden. He says:

There are some great scenes but the editor keeps cutting them off. All the people touching the flag. An opportunity missed. Get the cameras in close

21.45 We’re about done with the flag handing-over bit. The Queensland Minister For The Commonwealth Games does a speech. The Mayor of City of Gold Coast receives the flag. Either that or he’s brought his laundry along.

21.41 Heavens above, Chris James. Don’t let Marie Power hear you say this. She’ll do her nut.

This is the dullest thing I’ve seen on TV for years. It’s like a school sports day in the dark.

21.40 They’re giving the Commonwealth Games flag to the Gold Coast. This is, to be fair, a bit of a slow bit in any ceremony. Here’s Fiona Williams:

When it comes to rugby and football (although I’m no fan of the latter) I think it just runs deep in the blood that we Scots support our home team no matter what. But when it comes to athletic games, believe me, I supported every English athlete to win their prospective sport over anyone else. Well done England for winning such a vast amount of medals!

21.37 Instead some other lady is singing a song. It’s serious business. Robert Burns poem set to music or something. It’s no ‘Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit’, I’ll tell you what. Anyway, an email! From Marie Power. Oh. She just wants to call me names. Well, anyway. Have at it, Marie.

It’s been fab. I’m not sporty and I’m not interested in games but it looks to me Luke Glasgow has done a great job. So stop being such a miserable SWEARWORD and join in the fun.

Good old Luke Glasgow. He has played a blinder.

21.36 Now we do the bit where we hand over to the next city to hope it, and it’s the Gold Coast. The only person I know of from there is Gina G, who represented the UK in the 1996 Eurovision with the masterpiece "Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit"

She does not seem to be involved tonight. Shame.

21.35 "Glasgow," concludes Prince Imran. "You were pure dead brilliant."

21.33 And now CGF President Prince Imran Tunku of Malaysia, the chap next to him, presents an award to Welsh Rhythmic gymnast Francesca Jones. It’s the David Dixon Award, named after the former honorary secretary of the Commonwealth Games Federation for 17 years. It is given to the outstanding athlete of each of the Commonwealth Games based on their performance at the Commonwealth Games, fair play, and overall contribution to their team’s participation at the Commonwealth Games and yeah I just copied that off wikipedia it’s a fair cop.

21.30 This chap’s been on for ages! Lord Kelvin. Finally he’s done.

21.25 Pipe band now. Or "pipe band the noo" as I should say. Ah, now some suits are going to say a few words.

"A city defined by its people, we look out for each other." Then lots of praise for the athletes, the volunteers etc. All good stuff and well said but I won’t bore you with the details for you can surely guess the rest.

21.20 Any fears that they might have already blown the budget on the opening ceremony are dismissed as performers dance around with some perfectly decent-quality tents.

21.15 Ditto now for the Clydesider volunteeers. The band Prides perform their song ‘Messiah’.

21.11 They’ve got all the council workers in the stadium, garbage trucks, roadworkers, emergency services all that sort of jazz to say thank you to them for what they’ve done during the Games.

21.10 And here’s Deacon Blue, singing ‘Dignity’.

21.05 Obviously, she opens with ‘Shout’.

21.00 We’re underway. And it’s Lulu! Hampden Park is decked out like a music festival.

20.55 In reply to the family Pinsent, I guess a person could argue: "it’s not just the All Blacks, it’d be roughly two-thirds of the rugby playing world that isn’t allowed to compete." What are there, like 70 countries in the Commonwealth, and a couple of hundred in the world? Anyway, I’m already bored of that, and this is not the time.

20.50 An excellent email from the excellent Lizzy Ammon

I’ll stick my tunnocks teacakes’ worth into the Live Blog. I think the CWGs has been fantastic. I can’t understand why people get sniffy about it. Of course it’s not always the world class competition by its very nature. But for the athletes, they so rarely get to compete in multi-sport events, in an athletes village environment. With all of the experiences that go alongside that. For competitors that aren’t Olympic sports – this is the pinnacle and we’ve seen just what it means to the athletes. And for those of us watching, it’s a chance to see sports we wouldn’t otherwise – like Bowls. And just to share in the joy, the fun, the drama. Oh and I’m a sucker for a montage too and the Beeb are blooming good at them.

20.30 Deacon Blue are being interviewed; they played at the announcement in 2007 that Glasgow had got the Games. Drummer Dougie Vipond is a BBC presenter now, vocalist Ricky Ross says "We didn’t think we’d still be around for this!"

They took their name from a Steely Dan song, so they are alright by me. An email from Simon McMahon:

Evening Alan. A tremendous Games all round, well done Team Scotland, well done everybody in fact. Highlight for me was the interview boxer Charlie Flynn gave yesterday after winning gold – ‘the mailman delivers, haw haw’. It could have been a Limmy sketch. Bolt playing to the crowd before and after the relay final was a close second. Think it’s safe to say it’s been uphill all the way since John Barrowman.

20.20 Talking of medals. Well, it’s not just about winning, it’s about taking part, isn’t it? The fraternity of sport, the shared moments, the twin impostors and all that. Or, to look at it another way, SUCK IT, AUSSIES. Joking. JOKING. Well done to each and every person who got a gong.

20.15 One of the reasons it has been a success, I guess, has been the Scotland performances. If you’re going to have an excellent Games/tournament, you need the hosts to do the business COUGH COUGH BRAZIL COUGH COUGH on the pitch.

Can’t say fairer than that, can you?

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