Cameo Appearance Here & There – How Do Dramas Use Idol Groups To Their Advantage?

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Cameo Appearance Here & There – How Do Dramas Use Idol Groups To Their Advantage?

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by tommyj

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Cameo Appearance Here & There - How Do Drama Use Idol Groups To Their Advantage?

Girl group activities know no bounds. Their activities range from their main music broadcasts to concerts, all kinds of events, fan signings, TV broadcasts, and even movie appearances. Dramas use idol group cameos in different ways, which has a huge effect.

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The most commonly known effect of idol groups making cameo appearances in dramas is the viewership. When dramas allow cameos of idols with enormous fandoms, they full well know that viewership will go up. This is quite the successful marketing tool. If they’re able to double viewership numbers because of one idol’s cameo, then what could be better?

Dramas use idol groups to their advantage in different ways. In the big picture, we could attribute their cameo to their relationship and loyalty to drama reps, same agency seniors/juniors, and to support members of their own groups.

On March 27th members Alice and Nara made a cameo appearance in MBC’s "Cunning Single Lady". They entered the scene where Pi Song Ee (Yooyoung) and Gil Yo Han (L) have a special meeting, and act as Pi Song Ee’s friends on the show.

Alice and Nara’s decision to make a cameo in the drama was to support Hello Venus’ youngest member Yooyoung, who plays the part of Pi Song Ee in "Cunning Single Lady".

At the time one Hello Venus rep stated, "When they were filming on set, they were referred to as ‘goddesses’, and received much attention from the male staff members. After they completed filming in a feel good and friendly atmosphere, they approached each staff member and said, ‘Please take care of our Yooyoung,’ and gave 90 degree bows."

The recently concluded hit drama "My Love from the Star" also had a number of cameos. The most eye-catching cameo was that of Suzy. This miss A member has appeared in several works as an actress. She had also previously worked with Kim Soo Hyun in the KBS2 drama "Dream High".

2NE1‘s Dara also played a hot role in the last episode as a top actress. She’s previously revealed that she’s an avid fan of "My Love from the Star". Not only that, it appears that she also wanted to support the actress Yoo In Na, who belongs to the same agency YG Entertainment.

In addition, tvN’s "Respond 1997" actors Seo In Guk, Jung Eunji, and Hoya made a cameo in the sequel "Respond 1994". EXO‘s Suho also acted in 3 episodes of KBS2 drama "Prime Minister and I". It looks like idol group’s cameo appearances are going to continue.

Of course while there is a positive aspect for dramas, the idol stars who can get their faces out there are also at an advantage. Idol stars’ cameos present win-win situations for both parties. 

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