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image003The Baad Baby name was inspired by the owners, Diana and William after a night out on the town. Diana had a real good time and acted up “a bit”. Upon arriving home Diana sat in William’s lap and he began to spank her (love taps of course) and scolding her saying “You are a Baad Baby”. A clothing line was born!

With the many T-Shirt companies starting up every day, what is it that make one stand out from another…the name, the design, the logo, the celeb that reps the product or is it just LUCK.  Whatever it is, it will definitely be a challenge to gain market share.  Sitting with Diana and William  and listening to them talk and really light up when they talk about Baad Baby clothing, success is there for the taking.

BB-6“William retired at an early age and out of the blue decided this is something he wanted to do. I have always thought of owning my own business.  Having been self-employed for the majority of my working career, setting my own schedule and knowing that the harder I work the more money I can make, makes this a perfect fit.  With both of us being driven and self-motivated, with the ability to be creative being an entrepreneur is the only way to go.  This is round two for both of us.”

From thought, concept, to design and actual product, there were many ups and downs, yea’s and nay’s, this is gonna be great and why the hell are we doing this.  “We started slowly with the idea in early 2013 and have really dedicated ourselves for the last 7 months to launch our line”.  Starting our own business has been a great learning experience.  A lot of hard work goes in to starting any business and so many details.  We went in to this with our eyes wide open.  Everything was new to us so we  attended seminars, networked with  people in the business, spent a lot of time researching  and hired the people with the expertise that we needed.  We will continue to learn and maneuver our way through as we grow.

So here’s the $10,000 question; How do we get our shirts out to market and on the beautiful bodies of all the Baad Babies in the world? Well just find where all the “…girls that are fun, flirty, outgoing, who want to look good, feel sexy and get BB-31attention.”  Problem solved, there’s not a girl in the world who hasn’t at one point just wanted to do something, anything that will make man or women say… Oooh she’s Baad. “Baad Baby is unique and flirtatious with the idea of “standing out amongst a crowd.  The line exudes a “come talk to me personality.”  When considering the look feel and the design of the line, William and Diana had to take their time and ask a lot of questions to a lot of people. Texture, feel and fit are as important to any girl/woman.  The “Girls” require the right type of attention and  any item that touches a woman’s panties need to make her feel as sexy as she thinks she is.  The soft  touch that gives you that tingle on your fresh Brazilian Wax, front and back, requires the right fit and cut.   Baad Baby makes sure that style and feel are well thought out when making a woman feel Baad.

BB-4We inspire you to “Live in the Moment and Get your flirt on”. Put on your Baad Baby apparel, go out and have some fun. The reaction to our line has been mostly positive.   People like the fun loving nature of the line and have commented very positively on the quality of our product.

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William Campbell – Co-owner of BaadBaby. The majority of William’s career has been in the telecommunications industry. This included working on commercial and private estate projects, wiring and the installing phone & data systems. Retiring at a younger than usual age he found himself wanting to start a business, but just wasn’t sure in what area. The idea for BaadBaby came about as a fluke. Excited and BB-24inspired to make this clothing line, the work began. With a fun loving spirit this has been a great joy to create. And about those Bunny Ears?……………Who knows!!!

Diana Higgins – Co-owner of BaadBaby comes from a lifetime as a Sales Professional. With the love of people, wanting to make everyone happy, loving to laugh and have fun, it was time to give up the past and explore a new avenue. BaadBaby was the perfect fit. The adventure and the reception of the line so far has superseded our wildest expectations. We are excited about BaadBaby Apparel because the concept is based on a fun, edgy outlook and wanting to make women look good, feel good, and have some fun! This is just the beginning.

Enjoy the quality and concept of the line. There is much more to come!!

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William Campbell & Diana Higgins