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Your every dream is God’s command

Posted on: July 6th, 2014 by tommyj

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Your mantra for the week:

“With God all things are possible.”

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In pursuing your dreams you are confronted with challenges; you go around asking for advice from people who know not what your inner goals are all about.

But in truth, God is always speaking to you, ready to guide you at all times though you fail to listen. When you go within and be still, these are the words you will hear:

My beloved child, contemplate on My Presence and focus your attention on your dreams. While on this earth plane, it is necessary for you to make them come true, for they will add more goodness in the world.

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Yes, you are here to realize your desires despite obstructions and obstacles. What are obstacles? They are frightful things you encounter when you lose sight of your dreams and all you think of are the obstructions. But when you focus on their realization, you will find them fulfilled in wondrous ways.

You have dreamt of being healthy all the days of your life. You can fulfill it once you stop thinking that it is normal to get sick, to be diseased. When you recognize that being whole and in perfect health are but natural, your vision of being totally healthy begins to unfold.

You have dreamt of being prosperous, living a life of comfort and security. By manifesting it, not only will you enjoy life in its totality; you will also add to the good and joy in the world. Sometimes you pray to have certain things in order to enjoy life more. But then, you have been given the gift of life to enjoy all things. Focus then on enjoying things you have in your life now, for there is already so much good. As you enjoy them, they increase and multiply.

You have dreamt of having harmonious relationships. You owe it to yourself to make this a reality. You can do it! Before you call, you are answered. You have been provided with so much love in your heart. If you would reach out and radiate this love wherever you go, you would be enjoying loving and harmonious relationships.

You have dreamt of being successful in all your endeavors. Look at what you desire to create; look within you. Infinite intelligence, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom are there. You will then recognize that you have the capacity to actualize your goals, or you wouldn’t have desired them in the first place.

Many dreams don’t come true because you forget them, you lose sight of them, or you believe people who tell you your dreams will never materialize.

My beloved, listen to My voice whenever I speak to you, for I am the One Power that dwells in the Kingdom of Heaven within you. No matter how ordinary you think you are, be reminded that you are capable of achieving extraordinary things. All you have to do is dream, move toward realizing it, and never lose sight of it. I will do the rest.

I know best how to help bring it forth. It will give Me great pleasure to see you have all that you desire. It will be a measure of how wonderful your life can be, how much enjoyment is in store for you. Moreover, you will be co-creating with Me so much happiness in the Universe. Remember always, your every dream is My command!

Unusual celebration

Today let the Conde de Makati continue last week’s coverage of our unusual dual-purpose celebration.

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It was 8 o’clock and dinner was announced as the doors opened to the main dining area. We were ushered into another section of the Function Hall that can be more aptly described as the dining room of a palatial mansion.

The nine tables were not numbered; instead, each table had a letter of the alphabet which, when read from afar, spelled, J – O – S – E   R – I – Z – A – L. What an ingenious idea.

The table arrangements were bedecked with center pieces of milflores and sampaguita, with a candlelit glass lamp in the center.

Glenda Barretto outdid herself with the following menu: salt crusted lapu-lapu in aioli sauce, bistek Tagalog, chicken and pork adobo (estilo Taal), crispy bijon guisado with creamy tinola sauce, steamed rice, ensalada de toronja, ensaladang puso ng saging, ensaladang pako, kesong puti at kamatis,  sari-saring prutas, halo-halo, tocino del cielo and pastillas de leche.

The beauteous DJ Lopez, in her embroidered camisa and pearls and a lace fan, was escorted by her nephew, the best-selling author of the Galadria Series Miguel de Leon, who resides in Los Angeles and is here for a vacation to visit his parents Joe Vincent and Marybeth de Leon. They were seated with Peninsula Manila general manager par excellence Sonja Vodusek-Vecchio sans husband Tony, who was still in New York.

They were later joined by the effervescent Korina Sanchez-Roxas, who rushed to the party after her TV Patrol newscast. Everyone was commenting on how great she looked. Wouldn’t you, if you were a potential first lady? (Mar was somewhere in the Philippines taking care of government matters).

Bulgari and Hermes country manager Mario Katigbak was seated with Noel and Duday Tuason, who wore a fully beaded skirt by Rajo Laurel that must have weighed like a good-sized barbell.

Cory Quirino looked radiant in a blue and green ensemble. As exclusive licensee and national director of Miss World Philippines, she is busy looking for fresh candidates for the 2014 Miss World. She broke the country’s title drought with Megan Young, whose life coach was the celebrator. She shared a table with former Visa executive Bob Miller and popular designer Ito Curata; interior designer Paolo del Rosario; insurance big boss Robert Lim and wife Helen; and former CCP president Nes Jardin.

At coffee time, while guests were still partaking of their halo-halo, our incomparable hostess Loida Nicolas-Lewis, introduced “Noli Me Tangere: The Opera,” which she is bringing to town for a 21-day run from Sept. 11-28 at Resorts World Manila’s Newport Performing Arts Theater. She called on tenor Ivan Nery, who is playing Crisostomo Ibarra, and soprano Myramae Meneses as Maria Clara, who sang solo arias before ending with the farewell duet from the opera. They were accompanied by pianist Camille Lopez Molina.

Loida also introduced Jerry Sibal, executive producer, costume and set designer, and Mark Manalang, line producer who is also helping out in marketing and promoting the show.

Donations received from different foundations will be used to give students a special price for them to experience their history in musical form, made possible by two Philippine National Artists. The libretto was written by National Artist for Sculpture Guillermo Tolentino, and the music composed by National Artist for Music Felipe de Leon.

Loida then called the birthday celebrant to the stage. Apparently, he’s also a good emcee. After the usual greetings, he called on Rene Puno to sing as a teaser to his concert with the New Minstrels Divos to be held at Teatrino, Greenhills.

Then he asked Joseph Calata to share his inspiring story of his road to success. The celebrant also turned to Margie Moran-Floirendo, who was earlier doing a selfie with Robert David, a body shot winner in the beginning of his career as a ramp model.

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Gemma Cruz-Araneta recalled what she did with her prize as Miss International; Duday talked about her penchant for jewelry; and then Lorna Laurel, Baby Orosa and Loida recited a verse from “Mi Ultimo Adios.”

Finally the birthday boy turned to newlyweds Boots Anson and King Rodrigo, who dedicated a Tagalog poem he had written for his new wife, and then invited everyone to the baptism of their first child next year. This was met with thunderous applause.

The celebrator-emcee went on to introduce a horoscope “game” by asking guests to find out the astrological signs of their seatmates to their left and right; he explained the messages of each sign, like he alone can explain. He had us all in the palm of his hands and as such, he conceded to sing one of his own compositions, “Tayo Din Naman Ay Umibig,” which he wrote for Ishmael Bernal’s Olongapo Film Festival best picture winner, “Daluyong.” I remember Gloria Romero winning the Best Actress Award for her performance in that movie.

And finally, he called on all his Gemini friends: William Tan, Glenda Barretto, Joy Onglatco, Rene Puno, Frannie Jacinto and King Rodrigo to come up on stage to light their respective candles on a cake designed like a book with the title, “Noli Me Tangere” and with the inscription, Happy Birthday, Jose!

The birthday giveaway that evening was a poster poem also written by the author-celebrator entitled “Imagine a World Where…” in which he describes an ideal world and asks the reader to understand instead of judging, make peace instead of fighting and, finally, serve and uplift others instead of being lonely.

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