Harley Pasternak: The Man Behind Hollywood’s Best Bodies

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Harley Pasternak: The Man Behind Hollywood’s Best Bodies

Posted on: October 27th, 2014 by tommyj

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Harley Pasternak: The Man Behind Hollywood’s Best Bodies
Nutritionist and trainer to the stars, Harley Pasternak

You’ve probably heard of celebrity fitness guru Harley Pasternak. He’s the nutritionist and trainer behind the the unbelievable bodies of celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Megan Fox, and too many others to mention. I met Harley a year ago and we hit it off immediately—I love his direct, no-nonsense approach to health. The best part is that Harley’s advice is not based on fads; it’s based on science. When everyone is jumping on the trend of the moment—from Paleo to juicing—it’s essential to have a voice of reason.

I was so excited to interview Harley and find out exactly how he gets everyone looking so strong and amazing. His advice isn’t complicated. It doesn’t require you to hire a trainer or take a pricey fitness class. It’s surprisingly simple. By the end of the interview I was ready to lace up my sneakers and get outside.

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BB: OK Harley, I’m really trying to adjust my diet, I just had quinoa, arugula and a hard boiled egg for lunch. What do you think?

HP: That’s good! We all need more protein though. One egg is not going to cut it.

BB: [Laughs] So what should I have eaten?

HP: Each meal should include a protein that is the mass of your hand, a palm-full of a high fiber grain or a high fiber fruit, and then all the non-starchy veggies you want. You want to base your meal around the quality of protein, fiber and healthy fats. That’s the holy trinity.

BB: How did you learn so much about nutrition?

HP: I spent almost 11 years at university. I have three degrees.  I was a nutritional scientist for the Department of National Defense and then I spent the next 20 years studying it and writing about it.

BB: There are a zillion nutritionists and trainers, all with different ideas. You have managed to stay at the top for so many years. What I like about you is when trends come and go—juicing, Paleo, or whatever—you are always consistent. Why is that important to you?

HP: I think it’s because I want proof of something first. I am very conservative when it comes to giving people health advice. I think if you look at the top 50 selling nutrition books in the U.S., hardly any of those people actually have a university education. There are authors who just heard a 90-minute lecture from the first year of med school, or trainers who have no formal nutrition education. I think the bar has been set very low to be a healthy eating guru.

BB: What is your advice for those of us who like a nice espresso in the morning and a cocktail at night? How can those people actually follow your plan?

HP: First of all, you’ll live longer having an espresso in the morning! Studies show people who have moderate caffeine consumption actually live longer, healthier lifestyles. Caffeine consumption can be very healthy and reduce the incidence of certain neurological disorders, increase alertness, and the rate of preferred body fat. There are three important things you want: to live healthy, to look great, and to perform well. When it comes to looking great, alcohol definitely does not have too big of a place. However, I am sure there are those people who have one to two glasses of alcohol a day and actually can live healthier, longer lives.


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