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Soweto Gospel Choir

Posted on: December 16th, 2015 by tommyj



SAN DIEGO, December 3, 2015 — Regarded as one of the most inspirational choirs in the world, the Grammy award-winning Soweto Gospel Choir gives two joyous holiday performances in Southeastern San Diego’s Diamond Neighborhoods, the only performances they will do in San Diego this year! Family members of all ages will be moved by the power of African Gospel music and dance on Sunday, December 20, at 4 pm and 7:30 pm at the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center’s Celebration Hall (404 Euclid Ave., San Diego, CA 92114). Tickets are available at www.jacobspresents.com. Attendees can celebrate the season of giving knowing the proceeds from their ticket purchase go toward supporting performing arts and cultural events in Southeastern San Diego’s Diamond Neighborhoods.th-4

The internationally acclaimed 20-strong choir performs where the world meets: in a slice of San Diego that is home to over a dozen different cultures and a state-of-the-art venue only minutes from downtown San Diego. The Soweto Gospel Choir is dedicated to sharing the joy of faith through music.  The choir was formed in 2002 by Andrew Kay, David Vigo, and Clifford Hocking, in association with Executive Producer/Director Beverly Bryer and Musical Director the late David Mulovhedzi. Since its formation, it has traveled the world, bringing recognition and honor to South Africa by winning countless local and international awards and amassing a growing worldwide fan base. The choir’s current tour is sponsored by South African Airways.th-5

Ticket buyers will help extend the joy of the Soweto Gospel Choir’s performance all year by supporting the Jacobs Presents Performances and Cultural Experiences series. Jacobs Presents allows residents of the Diamond Neighborhoods to experience top-of-the-line performances and concerts and learn about other cultures in their own neighborhood. It also provides the opportunity for the rest of the region to visit the Diamond Neighborhoods and celebrate the community’s diversity.th-7


Performance date and times:

Sunday, December 20

4 pm and 7:30 pm

A Feel Good Story on Veterans Day

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by tommyj

salute_american_flag[1]On a day when we take time to honor our troops and give thanks for their service, there are stories being told about American patriotism and support for our Armed service members.  One being…Applebees.  I was out and about enjoying a beautiful San Diego day, I stopped by Hazard Center in Mission Valley and saw  a line of people forming at the Applebees in Hazard Center.  Upon inquiring on what was the reason for the big crowd, I was informed that Applebees was honoring our Armed service men, active and retired, with a complimentary meal for their service.  When speaking with the staff they informed me that Applebees has been doing this tribute for the past 4 years for our Armed services on Veteran Day.  We were informed that it is a nation wide program that has had a tremendous response with the military. As I walked into the restaurant, there was a waiting list to be seated.  Generally such a line comes with much anticipation to be seated and to be served.  This was somewhat different.  The Applebeesservicemen and women seemed to gather throughout Hazard Center with a great feel of comradery and fellowship with each other, the civilians and the overwhelmingly hospitable staff that welcomed each customer in with a big friendly smile and a thank you for serving.  With the huge response anticipated, Applebees said they had no problems getting volunteers to come and assist with catering to our servicemen and women.  Support from other stores around and in San Diego county has been great.  The Hazard Center restaurant is centrally located and we knew we would be hit with a good steady flow of patrons and patriots that wanted to show their support on Veterans Day…” said the staff. I personally left there feeling a little more upbeat after talking with some of the staff and customers.  Some of the servicemen and women said they were greatful for the support but would also come back and dine at Applebees in the future because of the support…plus the food was top notch and the drinks kept the spirits flowing.

Be sure to stop and support your local Applebees and thank them for giving back to those that keep giving us so much. 41784_168353856511086_2334515_n[1]

    Tommy Jennings                                                                                                                                                                       Publisher – The Image Of Magazine

Candidate Watch – Lan Jefferson

Posted on: October 9th, 2014 by tommyj

vote4lan-campaign-pic-generalCommissioner Lan Jefferson Makes it Through June Primary To Face 12-Year Incumbent in November 4th General Election!

San Diego: Commissioner Lan Elizabeth Jefferson is a candidate for the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees. If elected, Lan would become the first African American and Asian woman to sit on the Board. Lan is passionate about the power and potential that a quality and affordable community college education can provide to every San Diegan. “I believe education is a bridge to improving the quality of life for everyone and the link to economic security and empowerment,” said Lan.

As a sixteen-year San Diego resident, Lan has experienced the changes over the years at the community colleges. Lan wants to ensure San Diego community colleges meet their mission, “To provide accessible, high quality learning experiences to meet the educational needs of the San Diego community.” and are held accountable to all the communities they serve. Lan’s priorities are to keep tuition affordable; improve graduation rates and college preparation; promote educational opportunity and economic empowerment; recruit and retain quality culturally competent faculty; develop community partnerships and collaborations; maximize technology and environmental initiatives; and increase working families ability to connect to a strong workforce.

Lan has a Masters of Social Work in Public Policy and Social & Economic Development from Washington University. She has volunteered on behalf of San Diegans on many occasions, including as a Citizens Equal Opportunity Commissioner for San Diego City, Planning Committee and Redevelopment Project Area Committee Board Member of North Park; Graduate Advisor at UCSD, SDSU and USD; Leadership Enhancement Coordinator for San Diego High Schools; Reading Tutor for Oak Park Elementary School; and Public Library Storyteller in North Park. In addition, Lan is a LEAD San Diego Graduate. A program designed to inform and inspire leadership and civic engagement on regional issues.

Click to hear why Lan Jefferson will be a great advocate for rebuilding the values of Community Colleges, as a San Diego Community College Board Trustee.

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Pastor Brent Jones Joins KJLH Radio

Posted on: September 19th, 2014 by tommyj
brent-shape-name-lens-flarePastor Brent Jones Named as New Artistic Director for KJLH Radio Free Choir
Christina Smith 
Media Relations, M.A.N.D.A.T.E. Record.


Pastor BRENT JONES, a Southern California native, has been a part of gospel music for over 12 years. Many of you are familiar with Brent’s group T.P.(Total Praise) Mobb. They have such a unique gospel sound which consists of a rich blend of harmonic R&B with a hip hop flavor. Jones brings such high energy and passion to reach young people through his music. Pastor Brent Jones keeps making noise in the music industry, and he is excited to announce his newest endeavor. The accomplished gospel songster and talented director has inked a deal to become the new Artistic Director for the Radio Free Choir of KJLH 102.3FM, the performance group out of Los Angeles.


Brent Jones gospel music started at the age of 7 years Old. Brent remembers sitting in church with his mother, looking at the choir and the choir director. They were having so much fun. The director’s name was Charles Kinnard. Brent told his mother after Sunday service that the fun Mr. Kinnard was having he wanted to have that kind of fun. Brent really didn’t know what to do. But he knew Mr. Kinnard played the piano/organ and taught the choir music. Within 48 hours, Brent’s mother had a piano in the family room for Brent to start piano lessons. 10628730_10204698272922707_620556592242268707_oGod has blessed Brent with producing two successful gospel projects, Brent Jones and the T.P. Mobb and Beautiful. Jones’ CDs have great tracks with feel-good grooves and an anointed lyrical message that speaks about everyday life. Brent’s group is known for their hip hop high fashion dress and dance moves that appeals to youth looking for a different Christian expression. With his group, Jones always presents an element of surprise to his live audience, dressing to reflect different themes of his music.Brent is focused on his mission to provide a choice in music for youth around the world. Jones desires youth to choose gospel music – with its positive messages – instead of secular music.
In a recent interview, Pastor Jones stated “It is an honor to work with KJLH 102.3FM, Andre Russell and the legendary owner music icon Stevie Wonder. The choir master is in the house to elevate the Radio Free Choir to the international level.” This good news comes on the heels of the success of Jones’ latest album, “Joy Comin,’” which debuted in the top 10 on the Gospel Billboard Charts in August. Making appearances at choir workshops all over the nation, and with a television show in the works, Jones is one very busy man, and he has no plans to slow down any time soon. For more information, visit www.mandaterecords.com.

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