Does country music need another Taylor Swift?

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Taylor Swift officially left the country music world behind in Aug 2014 when she announced her first pop album "1989." But that hasn't stopped the genre from clinging on to the singer even as recently as Sunday when Swift was awarded her 7th Songwriter/Artist of the Year Award at the 45th Nashville Songwriters Association’s annual gala dinner.

Both Swift and the country music industry remember all that the singer did for the genre. The 25-year-old's songwriting skills left her with hit after hit and her tunes played on both country and pop radio stations, bringing thousands of new fans to country music.

"Taylor [is an artist] that broke through and crossed over into the mainstream," host and executive producer of "CMT After MidNite" and "CMT Radio Live" Cody Alan told FOX411 Country. "We have other artists [in country] that have done similar all comes down to good music."

Who are those artists? Alan and head writer of Taste of Country Billy Dukes shared with FOX411 Country who the next Taylor Swift could be and if the "Blank Space" singer can be replaced.