Halloween help: 6 last-minute DIY pop-culture costumes

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Annabelle (Photo: Warner Bros.)

OK, procrastinators, it’s officially crunch time. You have less than one week to Halloween, and whether it’s your office get-together, neighborhood trick-or-treating, or Heidi Klum’s annual extravaganza, you need to get your costume in order. Fortunately, your pals at Yahoo Entertainment are on the case. Here are a half-dozen simple DIY getups inspired by the year’s top pop-culture moments that can be assembled on the cheap via a few clicks on Amazon.

Pregnant Kardashian/Jenner

Hey, dolls, wanna keep up with Khloé, Kylie, and Kim? Slip on a classic bodycon dress ($9.99), grab some oversized dark shades ($6.99), and stuff in a throw pillow from your couch to complete the preggers ensemble. Need a costume for a partner? Tell a friend to follow you around like Kim’s surrogate, no special costume required.

You’ll float too in this costume, which might be the No. 1 look of the season, based on the diminishing inventory of yellow raincoats on Amazon (the cheap ones are sold out through Halloween, but here’s one for $17; you might have better luck at your neighborhood hardware store). Finish the look with a red balloon on a string from your local party store. Just try to avoid talking to any clowns in sewers while you’re trick-or-treating.

Handmaid from The Handmaid’s Tale

Gear up in the Gilead spirit. First, grab some paper and fold your own bonnet. Then complete the look with a red-hooded cape, and your Handmaid’s costume is complete. All that’s missing is a creepy totalitarian government…

Make your own Annabelle creation to freak out your friends. Begin with a long-sleeved Victorian-style nightgown at a thrift store (or here’s one on Amazon for $28), and you’re halfway there to transforming yourself into the terrifying doll. Tie a thick red ribbon ($8) around your waist, put two side braids in your hair, and tie off the braids with some more red ribbon. Add some blush and red lipstick, and practice your best creepy possessed doll facial expression. Bonus points if you carry around a Raggedy Ann doll, just like the real Annabelle.