Rihanna Finally Comments To Her Body Shamers

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One of the reasons we love Rihanna is that, despite all her unrelatable aspects of life — being an international superstar, the prettiest woman in the world, etc. — she is still incredibly relatable.

Enter the summer of "thick" Rihanna. While we find ourselves blinded by RiRi's beauty every time we see a pic of her out and about, the internet is home to some hating-ass people who, in an attempt to just feel something for one hot sec, attempted to belittle the Bajan princess.

Needless to say, we were not! here!! for!!! it!!!! And neither was she.

Being that Rih is one of the world's busiest people, she did not have time (or care enough) to clap back at every single hater — for there are just too many. She did, however, poke fun at the situation by way of posting a Gucci Mane meme. (Which, honestly, is probably the most efficient way to comment on media frenzies!)

Recently, at her Fenty Puma AW17 launch last week, RiRi spilled the beans on the topic that everyone besides her seems to be concerned with: her weight.

When asked, "What would you want to tell young girls about how to wear clothing that fits their bodies, but also makes them feel good?," she responded with the following.

"Well, I actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type, where one day I can literally fit into something that is bodycon, and then the next day — the next week — I need something oversized; I need a little crop here and a high-waist there to hide that part, you know?

I really pay attention every day when I go into the closet about what’s working for my body that morning. I feel like that’s how everyone should go after fashion, because it’s an individual thing. And then, if you take it further, it’s like: What week are you having? You having a skinny week? You having a fat week? Are we doing arms this week? We doing legs this week? We doing oversized?

I love to play with silhouettes as well, but I think it’s important to make sure that you wear the thing that works for your body the best, and that’s flattering."

Do you mean to tell us that RiRi is a living, breathing, human woman who experiences feminine woes such as weight fluctuation? Bish, SAME!!!

In the past week, precipitated by the voices of brave women relaying stories of surviving abuse at the hands of men, many for the first time, it's become all too obvious that women pay a monetary, physical and emotional tax just for existing in female bodies.

The expectation that we must always look our best and shine the brightest, contrary to expectations placed upon our male counterparts, are all too daunting. For Rihanna, a woman that represents the pinnacle of success and desirability, to normalize something widely experienced yet looked down upon, is radical.

But that wasn't the only gem RiRi bestowed us with. She also dropped this knowledge on us:

"Instagram is the death of all trends. Once it gets there, it’s too late. It’s gone. I’m so over it. I can’t; I can’t deal."

We feel you RiRi, we feel you!

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