7 reasons why LG ULTRA HD TV REAL 4K gives you the ultimate HD experience

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7 reasons why LG ULTRA HD TV REAL 4K gives you the ultimate HD experience

Posted on: July 21st, 2014 by tommyj

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With the rise of social media, the internet and fast-paced lifestyle, connection is more virtual than real. Catching up with friends usually means reviewing their posts to know what goes on in their lives or striking up “conversations” via comments and likes. For families, it is much the same thing, except when it’s TV time—that’s when people truly come together.

It is no surprise then that televisions have upgraded their features to cater to groups of people, giving a more cinematic, surround-sound experience at home. Monitor sizes have become bigger, graphics bolder, and sounds better.

The newest addition to LG’s Ultra HD Smart 3D LED TV series, the LG ULTRA HD TV REAL 4K, is one example of today’s mega televisions. With a 65-inch screen (also available in 79 and 84-inch), better-than-HD picture quality, and 3D capability, this technological behemoth even beats watching in cinemas any day. Here are seven reasons why the ULTRA HD TV REAL 4K, deserves a place at your entertainment room right now.

1. Its resolution is four times better than a Full HD

If precision is what you’re looking for, the Ultra HD TV REAL 4K’s image quality will not disappoint you. Having a 4K Ultra HD quality and a 3840 x 2160 resolution gives you picture quality, four times clearer, crispier than that of a Full HD. Watching a fashion show or concert will be like watching from the front rows.

2. You get to experience a flicker-free 3D viewing

While some 3D TVs share the common problem of flickering that can cause headaches, the Ultra HD TV REAL 4K offers you different 3D picture modes (vivid, photo, standard, eco, cinema, soccer, game, expert1, expert2) that will adjust to your eyes. It has 2D to 3D converter and you can even fiddle with its depth, so there is no need to worry about too much eye strain.

3. The audio is as clear as that of a movie house

There is no need to endure earsplitting sounds and sometimes, incoherent acoustics when watching TV. The Ultra HD TV REAL 4K’s 70W sound system as well as its multi-channel speaker made by Harman Kardon provide sound that is as clear as that in the movie theater.  It also has a noise reduction feature, so there is no need to increase the volume because sounds will still be coherent even in low volume. As with 3D mode, the sound system has six modes—the Standard, News, Music, Cinema, Soccer, and Game.

4. You get to have extra fun with LG Ultra HD TV REAL 4K’s Magic Remote

Another interesting part of LG Ultra HD TV REAL 4K is its battery-operated magic remote, which you can navigate like a computer mouse, only with volume and channel buttons. One can also activate 3D or Live TV viewing via a click on its easy-to-control -86 dBm reception sensitivity.

5. It can cater to social media savvy and selfie fanatics

While waiting for your favorite show to start, surf the net. The Ultra HD TV REAL 4K has access to wireless connectivity which, through the newest WebOS operating system, lets you browse any site you want and stream online videos. And because it’s a Smart TV, it allows you to download various applications through LG cloud, LG’s one-stop application store. You can also control this model through a smartphone when streaming videos online—like YouTube, for instance.

And if that isn’t enough, it also has an 8-megapixel built-in camera designed for video calls and picture-taking. After a few selfies, you can enjoy your photos through yet another amusing component—the photo-editing functions. You can add various effects to your pictures and adjust their color resolution directly through this TV. Amazing, isn’t it?

6. You get to enjoy Smart Share 2.0 and Time Machine—LG’s two-of-a-kind features

This product also includes other useful built-in applications such as Smart Share 2.0 and Time Machine. Smart Share lets you send files from your PC or Smartphone straight to the TV. Time Machine, on the other hand, allows you to record TV programs so that you can rewind, pause, or rewatch your favorite shows and schedule for later those that you have failed to catch.

7. You can get extraordinary gaming experience

Those into gaming will be thrilled at Ultra HD TV REAL 4K’s Dual-Play feature, which can be enjoyed with the use of special Dual-Play glasses. This one caters to two-player split screen gaming. If you activate this mode, you can filter the screen of your opponent to focus on yours and turn it from half to full screen. How cool is that?

With HD TV, 3D, internet, and gaming capabilities, this newest addition to LG Ultra HD Smart 3D LED TV series is, hands down, a must-have in any home. There is just no reason why it’s not.

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